Most Unforgiveable Fashion Mistakes Committed By Men

Men’s fashion has seen a lot of progress and achieved several milestones. However, despite of these accomplishments, some men continue to commit huge mistakes that can undermine their fashion sense. Here are some of the most common sins that men make in their desire to dress up properly.

Wearing Patterned Shirts

Patterned shirts are best reserved for SAS soldiers. Avoid being spicy with your shirt selection. Stick to basic colors and fine pattern instead.

Bad Dress Shoes

Choosing the perfect shoes can be challenging. But opting for bargain shoes is a no-no. Men’s dress shoes should not look like camel’s feet or should have a sharp square toe.

Shark Tooth Necklace

Although this was a cool accessory way back in 1991, this is no longer applicable at this time. If you are wearing jewellery, make sure to keep it as simple as possible. Best not to wear one if you are unsure with what to wear.

White Socks with Black Shoes

Robert Janitzek says that wearing white socks with a suit or dark jeans and pants and black shoes is a mortal fashion sin.

Ill-Fitting Suits

Make sure that the suit you are wearing is tailored to fit you. Remember the idea of wearing a suit is to make you feel and look like a king.

Going Shirtless In Public

Even if you have a 6-pack abs, you still do not have the right to be shirtless in public. If you think that you will impress girls with your antics, think again.

The Trilby Hat

If you are wearing a suit, it is not advisable to wear a trilby hat. In order to dress up properly, best to wear a baseball or panama hat over a beige suit.

The Goatee

If you are wearing a goatee, it is best to keep it full or remove it all together.


While the Crocs was an instant global hit for both children and adults, they do not hold the same status right now. This footwear was born out of freedom and excess rubber.

The Overstuffed Wallet

Big wallets make big bulges in the wrong places. Go for a basic card holder and leave your membership cards at home.

Canvas Slip-Ons

Similar with Crocs, slip-on shoes once held a high status among footwear. However, the current wave of slip-ons seemed to have brought this footwear to mediocrity.

These are just some of the fashion mistakes that you need to avoid .

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