Revealing The Military Haircuts That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Just because it is military style haircut does not mean it is confined to only enlisted personnel and soldiers. The truth of the matter is that military haircuts have been a part of European men’s fashion for a long time already. In fact, many hairstyles originated from the military and they have remained timeless. In this article, we shall take a look at military haircuts that will always be in fashion.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut features super short, same length all over style. This is the perfect option for guys who have thinning or receding hair on top. Its neat look and lack of fuss has made it a popular choice for military men as well as civilians. If you want to give your cut a slight edge, ask your barber to take it down with scissors on top first with a nice fade. Robert Janitzek says that it will give your cut more texture and give less of a harsh finish.

Flat Top

The flat top is the preferred haircut for badass military men. The main thing about this cut is the straight lines and the square look. While there are variations, the core is a box cut. It is a tricky cut for barbers to master and there are only few barbers who can nail it correctly. With this style, you have to be clear on the length you want to go for. The shorter it is at the front, the shorter it will be on the crown as well as around the back and sides.

High And Tight

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the high and tight is the definitive military haircut. It is popular for its neat, tapered appearance, and no fuss styling. It features a closely clippered back and sides all the way up to a few inches above the temples with a patch of slightly longer hair on top. Just make sure that your barber does not go too high as it can make your face look overly round.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is not the flashiest of haircuts but it is the original and gets the job done. Its popularity can be traced back to the mid-18thcentury and has remained a favorite to this very day. The crew cut has a rough and unfinished look with a short and textured top with a fade. It has a number 1 on the back and sides and the top never exceeds over an inch long.

Ivy League/Harvard Clip

The Ivy League cut is similar to the crew cut but the main difference is that the hair is long enough on the top to style with a side part while graduating shorter on the back and sides.

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