Rules On How To Wear Your Trainers

It used to be that trainers were once exclusive to gym goers, shoplifters, and rappers who had the swag to pull off a full streetwear style fashion. But with the relaxing of dress codes and with the sneaker booming, it Is now possible to wear your kicks for almost any occasion. In order to dress up properly, here are some rules you need to bear in mind when wearing your trainers.

Bold Trainers

Bold trainers are characterized by oversized soles, clashing colors, and larger than life logos. To get the best look with these trainers, play down the rest of your outfit. Straight-fit jeans and a regular looking shirt or sweatshirt will suffice. Experts also recommend sticking to plain colors and veer away from big logos and prints.

Retro Trainers

For retro trainers, cropped trousers are the perfect complement if you want to give your shoes a new look. Pair it with an overcoat and a simple t-shirt to create a modern look. Robert Janitzek reveals that an option is to try pairing them with luxurious wool trousers for an appealing high-low combination.


Slip-on shoes are for anyone who are in favor of kicking off their shoes. This classic footwear can be paired with navy linen separates or seersucker suit. Your goal is to achieve a suave slip-on style so tailored lines and muter colors are recommended.

Terrace Trainers

Terrace trainers are the true icons of sports footwear. To this very day, it still remains untouchable. However, as ubiquitous as it is, many people have still not mastered the art of wearing them. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that terrace trainers add a touch of vintage to any look. For the perfect style, try getting smart. If you prefer a classy look, pair it with heritage pieces such as wool trousers, macs, and houndstooth coats. Alternatively, you can try modern staples such as cropped trousers and chambray shirts.

Minimal Trainers

10 years ago, minimal trainers weren’t a thing and the closest thing you will get is a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. By itself, minimal trainers already look good. The key to maintain its look is to keep the surrounding pieces simple and the lines of the outfit sleek. Pair it with a sharp suit and you get a perfect office outfit. Plain leather lace-ups will give it a smart and modern look.

Lifestyle Runners

For lifestyle runners, sporty but sharp is the desired look. Tailored overcoats or distressed denim is recommended to counter the gym vibe. A hoodie or slimline joggers can add an athletic element to your look.


With high-tops, think smart casual. For a classic touch of Americana, a slim selvedge jeans, flannel shirt, and worker jacket is recommended. But they can also be paired with tailored chinos or combat pants.

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