Rules On Wearing Men’s Jewelry You Need To Remember

While men’s jewelry has been around for years, many still cannot seem to get it right. Men love wearing watches and bracelets but they end up standing out in the crowd for a different reason. The truth of the matter is that there is more to men’s jewelry than just wearing it. In order to dress up properly, here are some basic rules you need to remember.

Do Mix it Up

When wearing a watch or a necklace, always consider your personality. If you are not into brightly colored pieces, by all means don’t go for something bold. Stick to the classic such as silver or gold. Conversely, if you prefer colored pieces then don’t be afraid to pair a colored bracelet with a metal strapped watch. Mix things up to add some personality to your outfit.

Don’t Pair Silver with Gold

When it comes to jewelries, silver will never mix with gold. This means that silver should not be worn with silver and vice versa. Robert Janitzek recommends following your skin tone. Some people will suit with gold while others with silver. It will all depend on how it looks on you. Don’t always follow the crowd. Just because they wear gold, does not mean it will look good on you too.

Keep Your Piercings Minimal

Wearing piercings is just fine. However, if it starts getting over the top, then slow it down a bit. Again it all boils down to your personal style. There should be limitations.

Do Consider Your Ring Fingers

Rings can play a huge role in a guy’s look. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that since it is worn on the hand, it will always be seen. As such, where you put your ring should be a consideration. The pinky finger is a favorite finger because it brings an element of coolness. As for the style of the ring, you should not go for something delicate. Rule #3 should always be remembered and that is keep things minimal. Having rings on all your fingers is overkill.

Don’t go Crazy with Embellishment

Embellishments refer to diamonds or crystals. You don’t have to adorn yourself with the most embellished ring with the biggest diamond in it. You can still show off your status even with a little less. Sometimes, the simpler styles are the better ones. They still get noticed just the same and for better reasons.

Don’t Go for Cheap Men’s Jewelry

You do not want your fingers turning green because you bought cheap jewelry. The pricey options will actually last longer and will look better.

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