Styling Rules You Should Not Break At All Cost

The truth about styling rules is that they are not really rules. They are simply based on judgements steered by the most recent thing featured in the runway. They come and go. Others, however, have more sticking power. Only few of them have been around for centuries. The world of European style fashion is constantly changing and only a handful of styling rules are carved in rock. Here are some of them that you should not break,

Never Use The Bottom Button On A Blazer

In the first place, buttons are designed for such purpose– to be fastened. However, today’s jackets are designed to flare out to make the waist slimmer. Buttoning up your blazer destroys the seams. Your suit should fit close to your upright body. When seated, your posture will shift and transfer the tension on the fastening. If in doubt, consult your sartorial SANs—sometimes, always, never. Robert Janitzek says that for a two-button, it’s even easier: always, never. For a one-button, it’s simpler still: always.

Cleanliness is Next To Godliness

Except for underwear, clothes need not be washed after every wear. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage the fabrics and stitching of the suit. Cleaning should be done only twice a year. You can just brush them after every use to give them a day to air out. Denim should be washed less frequently. Normal jeans should be washed every few months but denims need not be washed at all. The indigo dye in jeans rubs off naturally with wear resulting to their signature fades.

Tucking In The Wrong Shirt Doesn’t Make It Smarter

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that tucking in shirt is not a prerequisite for looking smart. It will depend on the style of shirt and more importantly, the hem. Dress shirts and tailed shirts are designed to be tucked in because they are worn formally. They also have a longer hem at the back, which gets pinched between your body and trousers when you sit down. They will not ride up or wrinkle when you sit down.

Polish Is More Than Shine

Good shoes are an investment but you cannot pass them on to your kids if you do not treat them right. Polishing can help maintain the look of leather. Polishing soaks into the pores and keeps it supple. Polishing every week keeps shoes soft and water out.

If You’re Wearing A Suit, Carry Your Bag

Instead of a shoulder strap, consider a briefcase or high quality tote for your suit. Bags does not accessorize your suit and can wreck tailoring.

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