Stylish Ideas for Wearing Beanie Hats

Originally designed for use during the winter, beanie hats have now become a staple of European style fashion. This kind of hat is functional and stylish. Beanies can help keep your head warm, hide messy hair, or add a cool accessory to your outfit. As there are now different styles to choose from, it can become tricky to choose the right one and what to pair. Read on and be guided on how to style with this hat.


A beanie is designed to be worn casually so pairing it with your most comfortable outfit is the easiest way to go. For a streetwear look, pair it with a relaxed fabric. Jeans, bomber jackets, and lace-up boots can give you an urban look when paired with a beanie. Robert Janitzek reveals that an alternative look are chinos, crew-neck jumper, and sneakers for an athleisure look.

Smart Casual

While the beanie is a casual accessory, it is still possible to pull it off as a smart casual outfit. It is just a matter of choosing the right style and pairing it with the right item. For a sophisticated and understated look, try pairing a simple knitted beanie in a neutral block color. Beanies paired with wool trousers and turtle neck sweaters can make a stylish outfit.

Slouchy Beanie

For an effortlessly cool look, slouchy beanies can give you a laid-back style. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that when wearing this kind of beanie, opt for thin and medium knit styles. Use a thicker style and it could end up falling off your head because of the extra weight. Wear it all the way back past your hairline for a relaxed look and pull it down low to add more edge to your outfit. Pair it with a casual outfit such as jeans, sneakers, and a simple jumper or coat.

Hipster Beanie

Hipster beanies, also known as fisherman style beanies, offers a unique and casual look to your outfit. It is characterized by a thick roll worn high up on the forehead. To dress up properly, the cuff can shorten the beanie and make it tighter ensuring that the hat will not slip-off your head. However, it will not keep your head particularly warm and will leave your ears out in the cold. To pull off this look, opt for cropped trousers, a belt, and tucked-in shirt or add a personal touch for a unique outfit.

High-Top Beanies

High-top beanies have become quite popular in recent years. It has become a regular fixture fpr street style wear. While it will not keep your head warm, high top beanies can make you look bold and fashion-forward. This type of beanie is more designed for appearance than practicality.

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