The Lowdown on Smart Casual Outfit

When it comes to outfit, there is casual and there is smart casual. What is the difference between the two? When can you say that you are wearing smart casual in order to dress up properly? Read on and be guided about smart casual outfit.

Smart casual attire combines the formal and informal into one neat package. For some people, this may be a daunting task. To determine smart casual attire, you have to take the root words. The aim of this type of outfit is to create a harmony in the middle of the smart/casual dichotomy. There are certain pieces that you need to build a respectable smart casual wardrobe.

What To Wear On Top

When your torso is your main concern, the fundamental elements of a smart casual wardrobe are the following:

Blazers & Jackets

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that blazers can add a touch of individuality and style to an outfit. For the warmer months, wear cotton/linen or lightweight cotton and for the cooler months, choose something heavier such as wool.

For the color, a neutral blazer offers versatility and can be used for many looks and can blend with any color injected somewhere in your outfit.


When wearing shirts, a single color in a traditional hue is a safe option. However, there are other available options. Patterned shirts can bring some personality to your look and can be balanced with classic pieces. Robert Janitzek advises that in order to follow the smart casual theme, keep the top button undone.


T-shirts are acceptable for smart casual attires. However, make sure to stick to the basics only. You may try something else but chances are it will clash with the smart casual look you are trying to achieve.

What To Wear On The Bottom

For the bottom part, the building blocks of smart casual style are…


Avoid over-tailoring. Chinos are a good option because they satisfy the smart and the casual component of your wardrobe. Chinos can be either neutral or colorful. Denim is fine but be sure to keep it dark and well-fitted.

For smart casual shorts, wear something tailored. Ditch the loose and long look for fitted and slim fit that hits above the knee. For the footwear, you can get away with a lot but not everything. Tasselled loafers, monk straps, brogues, boots, Oxfords, and boat shoes are all viable options. Casual slip-ons or Converse is okay for less formal occasions.

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