The Lowdown on The Male Romper Trend

The male romper trend is one of the newest trends in European style fashion. The Internet is going nuts over it and everyone has an opinion, whether positive or negative. Just what is in this style that men are obsessed about it? Before trying it out yourself, you first need to research about it so you can determine whether it is the right style for you.

What Is the Men’s Romper?

Rompers are garments that can be usually spotted on babies and young women at music festivals. Rompers are known as a playsuit. It is a one-piece design that is being considered as a summer garment for men. Ideal for saving time when getting ready, Robert Janitzek reveals that rompers eliminate the need for picking out separate pieces by integrating shorts and shirts into one. They can be worn for several occasions. It is a statement garment that can be worn to events and locations such as in the beach, rooftop bars, music festivals, pool parties, barbeques, and when strolling.

How It Began?

The men’s romper trend was started by a new company called ACED Design via a product they dubbed RompHim. The company was started by a group of business school friends who wanted to bring something new to the world of menswear. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, the Chicago-based business created the RompHim and started a Kickstarter page for funding. Since then, the brand and its rompers, which include a zipper fly to make going to the bathroom more convenient, have created a worldwide trend.

Where to Get a Romper

If you’re a fashion-forward gent who likes the idea of a male romper and wants one to own, then all you need to do is visit the brand’s Kickstarter page and make a pledge. Although you can choose how much you wish to pledge, the amount will determine reward. For instance, if you pledge between US$25 and $94 and live in the U.S., you will receive a Team RompHim iron-on patch and sticker. But, if you pledge US$95 from anywhere in the world, then you’ll receive your very own RompHim to wear and love. $175 will get you two RompHims and a Team RompHim patch while for $255 you’ll receive three RompHims and the patch. Of course, if you want to support the brand even further, you can always pledge $1250 and get to join the ACED Design team for a day and take home your own one-of-a-kind RompHim.

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