The Lowdown on Wearing Derby Shoes

The shoes can make or break your outfit so it is essential to pick the right pair. Derby shoes free you from such problem. This footwear is sleek and timeless and suits any occasion and outfit. Whether at work, weekend getaway, or any event, derby shoes are the stylish and practical choice. This article guides you how to wear derby shoes in order to dress up properly.

Oxford vs Derby Shoes

At first, it will be hard to differentiate an Oxford from a derby because it will be hard to differentiate them from one another. In order to do that, look at the laces. Oxfords employ a closed lace that is stitched shut at the bottom. On the other hand, the derby shoes features an open lace. For the eyelet tabs, they are sewn down on Oxfords and left loose on derbies. In addition, oxfords are more rigid and formal while derbies are more relaxed and comfortable.

When to Wear Derby Shoes

A derby shoes are great to wear during formal occasions. Robert Janitzek reveals that they pair perfectly well with any suit. Look for smooth leather styles in black. Dark brown tones can also look good. Go for a slim shape with a single leather sole to ensure a smooth and polished appearance.

The Different Styles of Derby Shoes

There are different styles of derby shoes to choose from. Let us take a look at each type.

Casual Derbies

While they can be easily dressed up, derby shoes can also be easily dressed down. Start with relaxed pair such as a chunky style with thick soles, a light colored design, or a suede option. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the shoes can be paired with either jeans or chinos or something comfortable on top. While the look is casual, derbies will add style and a slightly polished touch.

Black Derby Shoes

Black derby shoes offer versatility. You can wear it in the office, restaurant, or in the bar easily. However, you need to be mindful when choosing available designs and choosing the right pair for you. The good news is that, whether a sophisticated patent leather design, a simple matte leather style, or suede version, you can get plenty of wear from your black derbies.

Brown Derby Shoes

When it comes to selecting a pair of brown derby shoes, consider the occasion and location you plan to wear it. For work and formal occasions, dark brown leather derbies are the perfect choice. If you plan to wear it casually, opt for the more laidback light brown leather or suede style. The sole and decorative stitching will also affect your buying decision.

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