The Ultimate Shoes And Jeans Matching Guide For Men

For some people, shoes serve as protection to their feet. However, for others, this footwear can make them look stylish and fashionable. Yet, there are people who find pairing shoes with jeans a daunting task. In order to dress up properly, here is a short guide on how to make your shoes blend well with jeans.

Rules on Pairing Shoes with Jeans

When you find yourself having difficulty pairing your shoes with jeans, there are three rules you need to remember.

Your Purpose. Are you attending an occasion or gathering, meeting, or heading to the beach? Knowing your purpose will help you wear the appropriate attire for the occasion.

Consider The Entire Outfit. How you carry your outfit will be a subject of scrutiny by other people so consider the complete outfit when selecting shoes. Don’t put too much focus on colors, patterns, and textures.

Think Comfort. Robert Janitzek recommends wearing comfortable clothing.

Shoes Options To Pair With Your Jeans

In general, there are four categories of shoes that men will pair with their jeans: sandals, casual shoes, dress shoes, and boots.


If your feet has not been groomed in a while, it is best to avoid the open-toed look. Otherwise, feel free to pair sandals with jeans. Sandals work best with relaxed or average-fit jeans. Opt for lighter blue hue but darker denims are the best option for other types of shoes. Top the look with casual shirt.

Casual Shoes

For most guys, casual shoes are the preferred footwear. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that when paired with the right jeans, casual shoes can take your style to a new level while staying comfortable. If you are wearing neutral colored shoes, go for dark colored denims with an average or skinny fit. Complete the look with a polo or shirt-cardigan combo.


Wearing cowboy boots has been considered cool for some time now. However, there are other types of boots you can choose. A versatile alternative is Chukkas, a low-rise boot that is available in various materials. Choose dark denim with clean lines to bring out the contrast of Chukkas.

Dress Shoes

In order to dress up properly for a special occasion, pair your dress shoes with jeans for a relaxed but debonair look. However, avoid wearing suede derby shoes to pair with old, worn jeans. Feel free to experiment with colors and textures. Save your best shoes for fitted, high-quality denim jeans.

When it comes to pairing shoes with your jeans, the best advice is to keep things simple. This will make you stylish and fashionable all the time.

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