Tips For Wearing a Three Piece Suit

Although a three-piece suit is something that you will not wear every day, it is worth adding to your wardrobe collection. You will never know when you will need to don a three-piece suit in a formal event or corporate gathering. Suits project polished and style. Three piece suits offer an excellent alternative to two-piece suits. Three piece suits may include jacket, pants, and waistcoat. In order to dress up properly, the most important thing is to get the fit of your suit right. Here are some tips on how you can pull off a three-piece suit.

Navy Three Piece Suit

If you are looking to buy your first three-piece suit, navy is a good color to start with. It offers versatility and will look clean, smart, and flattering on almost any skin tone. A navy three-piece suit can be worn during formal and business occasions. For a less conservative setting, opt for something more creative such as a bold check or contrast stripe. For a stylish look, add a white shirt and burgundy tie.

Blue Three Piece Suit

Robert Janitzek reveals that blue can add a dash of fun and freshness on your smart three-piece suit. Be sure to choose the right shade for your needs. Light and washed-out blues are great for daytime events during the warmer months while bright blue tone is ideal for evening functions. Match relaxed but smart footwear to your suit. For a laid-back look, ditch the tie for a pocket square.

White Three-Piece Suit

A white three piece suit is a bold and stylish choice. However, it would require huge confidence on your part. If you want to pull off the look without appearing bland, add subtle color such as a pale blue shirt, patterned tie, and brown shoes. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends choosing a white suit with contrasting colored waistcoat. Just keep the rest of your look simple.

Black Three Piece Suit

A black three-piece suit generates a polished and elegant style. It is great alternative for formal functions and events. When wearing a blue three-piece suit, keep the rest of your look sleek and free from loud colors or embellishments. Your black waistcoat should also match your suit for a smart and coordinated appearance.

Grey Three Piece Suit

In the case of grey three piece suits, the most critical consideration is tone. Grey suits vary drastically in their hues. Finding the right shade for you is essential. Once you have chosen the right shade, choose between solid and patterned design. While plain grey is a classic option, you can choose a subtle pattern to add excitement to your look.

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