Tips On How To Look British With Your Outfit

When it comes to their outfit, Brits are known for being fearless in the way they carry their dress. The British people are known for their individual sense of style. They are best known for mixing and matching prints, patterns, and styles. When it comes to style, Robert Janitzek reveals that the key to British fashion is ever looking too polished. This article will guide on you how to blend in and mingle with Brits.

If you are a tourist, blending in with the local Brits may become a daunting task. However, with some research and knowledge of British style fashion, you can find yourself blending in with the locals in no time. Here are some tips on how to look British with your outfit.

Plan your wardrobe

Britons tend to dress more casually compared to other Europeans but more formal than the formal dress of Americans. Jeans, t-shirts, and jumpers are a staple. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that bold color and pattern combinations are common in some places but to be safe, wear black clothes.

When in doubt about what clothes to wear, do your shopping in the UK. Go to stores that are filled by locals, including those who are similar to your demographics. Formal wear for the Britons tend to be modest and custom-tailored but it is best to ask the host of the event. Younger adults and teenagers have the tendency to quickly adapt to fashion trends.

Avoid Tourist Stereotypes

There are outfit and accessories that are usually worn by tourists. As much as possible, when adopting European style fashion, avoid the following to look British:
• Fanny packs/Bum Bags
• Cameras and maps
• Hiker’s clothing in the city (including hiking boots)
• T-shirts sold to tourists, often with the Union Jack or the Keep Calm, Carry On slogan.
• Shorts and running shoes are not unheard of, but will attract attention in other parts of the world

Think in Layers

England often experiences cold weather so wearing layered clothes can help keep you warm. Scarves or boots can do the trick. While there are not much to expect when it comes to fashion, you should consider packing warm and rainproof clothing.

BY doing your research on what and what not to wear in the United Kingdom, blending in with the local Britons can be an easy task. You don’t have to imitate David Beckham or Harry Styles to look British.

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