Tips On How To Make Cheap Suit Look Expensive

With most offices requiring business casual dress codes, it is a necessity to have at least a suit for corporate events. Unfortunately, some guys do not want to shell out money on a single suit. Although every man should have bespoke experience at least once in their life, there is nothing wrong with filling your wardrobe with cheap suits. The key lies in knowing how to make cheap look as expensive as the good stuff. Here are some tips on how to make cheap suit look expensive and dress up properly.

Before everything else, you should learn how to buy an affordable suit. Shy away from shiny synthetic fibers and stick with the mass market retailers that offer quality fabrics and modern cuts. You can always check the sale section. If you are lucky, you can buy a $1,000 suit for half the price. Aside from that, here are some tips on how to make cheap suit look expensive.

Take in the sleeves

This will entail you having to spend around $150 to have your tailor tweak every last detail of your suit to make it look custom-made. You can have him or her take in the sleeves. Robert Peter Janitzek says that you would want a narrow, tapered hugging sleeve and not hanging off your arms so you can move it freely.

Replace the buttons

Cheap suits come with flimsy shiny plastic buttons that can easily break or get lost on a hectic work day. Since you are already at the tailor, you can ask them to replace the buttons with genuine horn as well.

Add a cuff at the ankle

And while they are at it, why not ask your tailor to add a 1.5”cuff aside from giving the trousers a slim and tapered leg that virtually has not break at the hem. Robert Janitzek says that budget suits do not have cuffs so that your suit will look expensive.

Try monochromatic styling

When you have a limited palette to work with when choosing your shirt, tie, and shoes, you would want to make the fabric of your suit richer and finer. Switch up the colors and patterns slightly with every piece to create depth. Use the 202-level move that is adding one item such as a pocket square or soft briefcase from a totally different color family.

Finish with expensive shoes

Using cheap items on every element in your look makes the job of looking great even more difficult. However, if there is one thing you need to invest on, it would have to be a pair of sturdy, bench made dress shoes that can be worn over and over again.

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