Tips On How To Wear A Suit And Look Stylish

It used to be that office dress code required wearing suits. However, this has changed over the years. But while it is no longer required, there are still office occasions when you will need to wear suits. During these occasions, it is important that you rock the suit in order to get the attention of other people. You need to pay attention to important details in order to pull off wearing the suit. Here are some tips on you can dress up properly with your suits.

Find the right shoulder fit

It is worth noting that shoulders are the hardest area to tailor on a suit. Avoid the dreaded shoulder divot and instead go for suits that firs your shoulders best. Your tailor can easily take in the waist and just make adjustments for length.

Have your sleeves and pants tailored

The key to looking stylish in a suit is to ensure that it fits you well. Make sure that your suit hugs and hangs from your body or else you will look sloppy and disheveled. Do invest on a tailored suit to get the perfect fit.

Invest in a quality dress shirt, belt, and shoes

In order to complete your professional look, you should also invest on a quality shirt, belt, and shoes. Robert Janitzek reveals that you should not skimp on these accessories or else it will make your entire outfit look cheap.

Wear a sleek undershirt

When the going gets tough, you may find your dress shirt and suit jacket soaking with sweat. Keep yourself fresh by wearing an undershirt underneath your dress shirt. The undershirt will help block sweat from your dress shirt hiding those underarm sweat marks keeping your shirts looking fresher and longer.

Choose a Darker Shade of Tie

Do you find choosing a tie a daunting task? As a general rule, the tie should be darker than your shirt to keep it balanced. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends avoiding matching the pattern of your tie with that of your dress shirt. You can also consider adding a tie dimple. If you choose the latter, wear ties made of silk or cashmere and avoid cotton ties.

Wear matching shoes and belt

For a more cohesive look, your shoes and belt should be coordinated.

Unbutton your jacket before sitting

Learning the proper way of sitting in a suit will help prolong the life of the suit. Make sure to unbutton your jacket before sitting down to keep it from being stretched out.

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