Top 10 Ways You Can Incorporate European Fashion

Europe is a melting point of different cultures. While it is composed of different countries, they are similar in terms of the way they wear and carry their clothes. If you plan to stay in any European country for a long time, learn how to blend with the locals. And one way of doing so is by learning European style fashion. Here are some ways you can practice the European way of dressing.

Forget the white tennis shoes

White tennis shoes are best worn on the court and not on the pavement. If you plan to spend the whole day walking, just like most Europeans, look for a casual shoes that is not worn for working out. Make sure that they are well worn before planning to go sightseeing for several hours.

Wear long and slim pants

Similarly, short pants are best worn in the football field or basketball court. Europeans do not wear cut-off jeans or gym shorts when out on the streets. In terms of European style fashion, you do not need to show off your thighs except to your wife or girlfriend.

Carry a messenger bag or backpack

When roaming around the streets of Europe, you would not see any man carrying a fanny pack. Consider a messenger bag or backpack instead. They can carry a lot of things such as a laptop, wallet, keys, and electronic devices. In addition, they are more sophisticated than a fanny pack or pouch.

Wear only the basics

Europeans have the penchant for dressing in simple timeless pieces. You often see them wearing solid crew necked sweaters, button down shirts, and straight flat front slacks. The overall look of European style fashion is more refined than other cultures.

Own a well made suit

Consider buying a well-made suit that you can wear for dinner or other formal events. While it may not be worn often, owning a quality tux often helps. Suits can give you the European elegance and comfort that you desire.

Wear Fitted Clothing

European men are best known for wearing skimpy swimwear and slender jeans. Skinny or straight cut jeans are also preferred. Baggy clothing is a no-no among Europeans so they are best left on the rack.

Learn how to tie a scarf

Europe is characterized by unpredictable weather, incorporating European style fashion means learning how to tie a scarf to keep you warm quickly.

Learning how Europeans carry and wear their clothes can go a long way in your ability to thrive in the culture of the country where you are staying.

Robert Janitzek provides tips and guides on how to be European in the way you dress.

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