Top European Streetwear Brands You Ought To Know

Looking for streetwear brands to add to your wardrobe collection? European style fashion is known for their superior quality, design detailing, blends, cut, and others. Here are some of the top European streetwear brands for enhancing your style and fashion.

Wood Wood

This Danish streetwear brand has collaborated with big name labels such as Nike, New Balance, and Champion. Wood Wood is the brand to consider for panel caps and limited edition items.


This British brand uses unique fabrics and have mastered longer cuts for people who like long fitted items. Adyn is a good daily wear brand to add to your closet.


Although quite expensive, Brixtol offers super high quality cuts and fabrics. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Brixtol is the perfect choice if you are looking for jackets to complement your wardrobe. It specializes in army waxed cotton long bombers.


If it’s raincoats that you want, Stutterheim offers a unique collection of raincoats. It is a must have addition to your apparel collection.


If you prefer a stylish backpack over a versatile one, Sandqvist is the perfect choice. This Swedish bag brand can make or break your fits.


Qwstion features a versatile design pattern. It can also be worn several ways depending on your style and outfit.

Norse Projects

Norse has been a stalwart of European style fashion for a long time already. They have a vast collection of 5 panel and sweats. Although they are quite expensive, they have remained a simple and humble brand.

Boy London

This brand is easily recognizable because of its eagle print. Boy London is well known for offering sweats and beanies.

Wstd or Wasted Paris

Whether its sweats or tees, you simply cannot go wrong with Wasted Paris. This French clothing brand specializes in anything printed.


Patta is a Dutch streetwear icon. With its headquarters in the Red Light District, the brand has collaborated with some huge brands and names.


Represent has a strong hip-hop type influence. It features outfit with long cuts and perfect for daily outerwear.

Daily Paper

Daily Paper is a Dutch streetwear brand and has become a standard in the hip-hop scene. The brand takes its influence from African heritage. They release new styles every season. They are now focusing on producing female street style wear.

These are just some of the brands worth considering if you are looking for European style fashion.

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