What To Wear and Not To Wear In Barcelona

While you are a tourist in Barcelona, there are many benefits of following the accepted outfit worn by the locals. It will make you feel safer as crooks will not easily single you out as a tourist. Here are some tips on how to dress up properly when traveling to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with many European influences. The weather plays a huge role in what type and color of clothes to wear. Catalans are forward thinking when it comes to their outfit. Modesty is generally valued in Barcelona and Catalans tend to dress conservatively. The general rule of thumb is the more casual your outfit is, the more likely you will be singled out as a tourist.

Blending In

People belonging to the older generation wear outfit with muted and conservative colors. On the other hand, the younger generation wears semi-casual clothes such as jeans and t-shirts as well as comfortable shoes or sandals during summer. Catalans wear designer clothes but they give importance to the quality and fitting. Robert Peter Janitzek says that you can easily find quality Catalan clothes at a reasonable price.

Fabric Choice

For the Catalans, the material type and weight of the fabric is important. It is generally warm all year round so the clothes are made from lightweight breathable fabric for easy air circulation. The clothes are generally light and cool to wear and also offer an added benefit of protecting the skin from the heat of the sun.

Seasonal Clothes

Depending on the season you are traveling to Barcelona, there are is a specific type of outfit for each season. In the summer, the ideal clothing are those with lighter colors to keep it cool. According to Robert Janitzek, autumnal-type colors are more preferred for the winter. If you come from a country with colder yearly temperatures, you may able to wear your jeans during the winter months. However, they may become heavy and uncomfortable to wear during the summer.

During the summer, your aim should be to keep yourself cool and comfortable from the hot sun. It is best to buy jeans in Barcelona as the fabric there is much lighter compared to conventional jeans found in USA, Canada, or Northern Europe.

Business Clothes

If your trip to Barcelona is business-related then pack your working clothes. To dress up properly, you are expected to wear jackets and ties for formal business meetings. However, it is best to purchase a lightweight fabric suit to be comfortable especially if you plan to stay for a few more days.

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