Why Buying Watches In Italy Is Affordable And Convenient

When it comes to watches, people want to own a Rolex or a Patek Philippe. However, these brands are quite expensive. But cost need not hinder you from embracing European style fashion. If you are looking to save on these branded watches, head on to Italy and buy that dream watch you have longed for.

Buying luxury watches in Italy offers convenience. If you visit Rome and decide to buy a Rolex, you will realize how convenient shopping for watches is in the city. The good news is that luxury goods including watches are tax free in Italy. So if you are a non-EU citizen, you can save precious dollars and get the VAT refunded to you and shop for other consumer goods in other destinations you will be visiting.

Avail Of Lower Tax Refund

Robert Peter Janitzek explains that while the VAT in Italy is high, the tax refund there is cheaper compared to other EU countries like France, Germany, or Switzerland. With a tax free invoice, you can refund a certain percentage on the price paid in the store where you bought the watch. The tax refund could reach up to 15%. The more watch you buy, the cheaper it becomes. .

Favorable Exchange Rate

Another reason why buying a watch in Italy makes sense is because there is a favorable exchange rate. List prices are changing in order to compensate fluctuations in the exchange rate. Robert Janitzek reveals that even if you combine tax refund and favorable exchange rate, Italy still offers the best price on watches for international shoppers.

Made in Italy

Another advantage of buying watches in Italy is that it gives you the feeling of a truly Italian made product. Most of the watches were locally designed and made by artisans keeping alive the tradition of hand work. The stones were carefully selected and certified by prestigious institutions such as GIA.

Long History

When buying watches in Italy, you can have a chance of finding a company that has been in the industry for a long time already. Most of the leading watch making companies is backed by over 100 years of manufacturing experience. It is this history that protects the watches from fraud or counterfeiting.

Buying watches in Italy gives tourists the opportunity to make their dreams of owning a luxury watch come true. You can truly brag about the watch that you bought in Italy.

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